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Adlib sent this over to me like two weeks ago and it’s pretty damn good.  Tonye has a good flow and The ILLManShip Memoirs is worth checking out.


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Somewhere around this time last year, RTystic and Direc, two members of the SAFS Crew came out with a small project called The Two Minute Warning EP.  Now, for some reason I had no idea that this project existed though I had come across the song “Cyanide” last October.  Call it laziness on my part for not digging deeper to see where the song came from.  They’ve recently begun pushing it again and if you’re like me and didn’t know, here’s your chance to grab it.

Anyway, RT and Direc are some young guys that I think are THE guys of the next generation of Milwaukee Hip-Hop.  I’ve mentioned to RTystic at least twice that they need to do a proper album.  I don’t know where they are in the process of doing that or if they indeed are in the process of doing one.  Never-the-less, I think the talent that they’ve shown warrants an album.  If you see them, both them about it.  Constantly.


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Milwaukee’s Hip-Hop landscape is by and large a male dominated entity, per capita speaking.  But, that is NOT to say that Milwaukee doesn’t have some extremely dope women doing fantastic things in the medium of Hip-Hop.

Last decade gave us two women who are super nice on the M-I-C, crafting a great sound within their respective groups and also as solo artists.  One of those artists is Element Everest, one of the members of the now defunct Black Elephant.  The other person is Lunaversol9 of Def Harmonic.

Lunaversol9 teamed up with Listening Party to release what they are calling a mini-album, A Novel Slur, which contains 5 tracks of poignant lyricism and groove based beats, creating a nice atmospheric (and I’m not talking about the Slug/Ant Atmosphere) feel to the music.

My favorite track, “Hellbent” is the lead track of the project and features JTodd on production.  The rest of the project is produced by Brusabardis, and it features vocals from JTodd and Epcot.  The artwork was done by Samantha Sanborn.

Listening Party is offering the album up to you as a “pay what you like” consumer experience, and you can get it RIGHT HERE.  Go over and check out Listening Party’s WEBSITE as well and see what else they have to offer.

On a sidenote, Def Harmonic’s new album is set to be released Oct. 12th with a party on Oct. 9th, following a pre-sale period that begins Sept. 28th.  They’re pressing vinyl for the project as well, but only 500 copies…so make sure you get your order in once that pre-sale hits.

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Tomorrow, Milwaukee group The Cranberry Show, will be releasing their first full length through all the typical online retailers.  I haven’t had a chance to hear the album, but they did release a sampler a few months back that has several of the songs that did make the album.  You can hear that sampler RIGHT HERE.

Their music is bass heavy and for the younger crowd of Hip-Hop fans that don’t necessarily have the ties to classic Hip-Hop, like the generation before them has.

This Saturday, TCS will be celebrating the release of their album with a party at Flow Clothing from 2PM-6PM in which they will have a signing, music by DJ Trademark, and giveaways.

I did an interview with TCS earlier this year as well, so take a moment to get acquainted with them:  INTERVIEW.

For more information about TCS and SAPS, please their WEBSITE or hit up their Twitter @cranberryshow.

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A couple days ago producer Klassik dropped an EP called Death of a Beatmaker that has 4 tracks and features OYE (I can’t do the upside-down exclaimation mark that belongs at the beginning of his name, so I’m not going to put the right side up exclaimation mark at the end of his name…just know they’re supposed to be there), and Blizz McFly.

Peep the bio for more info:

Death Of A Beatmaker”, the debut EP from Milwaukee’s own Klassik, is a five-track opus of sonically complex and original production coupled with clever, creative, and inspirational lyricism that is as intriguing as it is personal. Touching on everyday subjects in innovative, genre-bending formats, Klassik provides his own unique take on what it feels like to really pursue a dream. Detailing that very pursuit with fellow InkRed artist OYE on “ChasingTheFame”, the duo’s introspective offerings on how to conquer the ups-and-downs of dream chasing combine effortlessly with Klassik’s smooth, soulful melodies on the chorus, lending itself heavily to 90s era R&B/Hip-Hop. Keeping with the theme of pursuit, Klassik and the only other feature on the project (Milwaukee artist Blizz McFly), triumphantly declare that they are a force to be reckoned with on “WeUp/EverybodyDown”, surpassing many of their peers with exceptional lyricism, and a densely layered and symphonic production style not seen in a Hip-Hop setting since “Late Registration”. From start to finish, “Death Of A Beatmaker” is a masterfully arranged and thought-provoking work that is a melting-pot of genres, combined to evolve Klassik’s fearless originality into a new standard of musicality, and lay to rest all else that is not that.

Go over to Klassik’s BANDCAMP PAGE to peep the tracks.

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