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On Sunday the group The Cranberry Show released a new mixtape called Halloween Webtape, mixed by DJ Advance.  If you follow TCS then I know you will be familiar with at least 1 track on it.  Go ahead and grab it RIGHT HERE to see what they have instore for you.

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IV Tin Soldiers representative SPEAK Easy is one of those emcees that can be counted on to deliver consistent music, driven by his smooth yet abrasive lyrical style, that sprinkles hydrochloric acid on anybody who could possibly catch feelings from his abusive lyrics.

For those of you who might not know that version of SPEAK Easy, you haven’t been keeping up with the newer music that followed his extremely solid front-to-back album Well Spoken.  The man has reinvented himself, allowing himself to go no-holds-barred…finally…while still holding true to what caught people’s attention initially to him as an artist.

The track “I’m Ready” which really starts off the mixtape has the potential to ruffle the feathers of a lot of local artists, calling out the “hollywood” types that have been populating the scene in his opinion.

There are a couple of tracks that you might be familiar with if you’ve paid attention to the internet over the past year. “Kick Down The Doors”, “Black 007”, “That Was Easy”, and “Warning Shot” have all hit the web with “Black 007” finding itself on several important Hip-Hop blogs in addition to gaining a spot on the first edition of Yo! MKE Raps.

The project is short and to the point…which the point of the project is to re-introduce people to SPEAK Easy before his new album comes out.  If this jawn doesn’t create buzz around SPEAK for what’s to come, then skills have no place in Hip-Hop anymore.

That Was Easy features production by Dave Derrilykt for AudioPilot Productions (who also engineered the project), Big Steve of GooniTunes, and has guest verses from Raze, Big Trip, Frankie Flowers, TKS, and Maal Himself.

If you like raw Hip-Hop, this is the joint for you…so download it now!

While you are downloading the joint, peep “I’m Ready” –


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M*A*S*K, a group of which has 1/2 it’s roots in Milwaukee via Scott Knoxx, has just released a new mixtape called Gettin It In.

From M*A*S*K’s bio:

Money B is a founding member of the multi-platinum Grammy nominated iconic group Digital Underground. He is noted as having one of the most recognizable voices in hip hop. Scott Knoxx is Milwaukee’s mixtape king. With an uncanny wit and hard edge flow, Knoxx represents the pulse of the streets. Introduced by Digital Underground’s DJ Nu-Stylez, the dynamic duo has teamed up to form M.A.S.K (Money B and Scott Knoxx)! Like minded in their hustle and love for good music, the tandem is currently promoting singles from their soon to be released debut album, With a unique blend of Money B’s west coast game, and Scott Knoxx’s mid west swagg, the two have successfully mixed humor, street sense, party attitude, thought provoking lyrics, and hard hitting beats to create a sound fitting for the block, as well as the club. Get ready. M*A*S*K is here!

You can download the project RIGHT HERE.

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Today, the good folks over at Umbrella Music Group dropped their newest webtape, this time from Tay Butler.

Tay is a guy who has been around for a while but was absent from the scene for a hot minute to fulfill his overseas requirements with our United States Armed Forces.

Now that he’s back he has been hard at work preparing not only a new webtape but an album that is to be released at a later date.

I like Tay, as a rapper and a person, so it’s nice to hear him back on the microphone.

As far as the release goes, it’s 10 songs of Tay flowing in and out of the beats provided by Dylan Thoms, Adlib, Haz Solo, and then some industry beats (it is a web(mix)tape), and there are some features by the UMG crew of course.  Also featured on the project is Pizzle, CT, and Justice Born.  It was recorded and mixed by Adlib.

Go ahead and download Tay Butler Presents UMG Summer League RIGHT HERE!

Here’s my favorite joint off the project, “Home” (produced by Adlib)…I personally am the type of person who appreciates depth to the music I listen to and this track definitely shows depth. I also really like the beat Lib put together for this track. –

AND for your added satisfaction, I thought I would include this hilarious picture that was created by Haz Solo.

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I don’t believe that Haz Solo or Whaz sleep…ever.  In a matter of months they have both released a volume of works worth checking out…whether it be music or graphics.

This mad duo of kindred spirits is back at it with a new project called Villa de la Villain in which we get a mixture of both Haz AND Whaz on the beats, blending their styles into one beat tape.

You can grab the “tape” RIGHT HERE.

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Nacido Negro is getting ready to showcase both sides of his repertoire on October 5th through the release of Ear Food: Appetizers & Samplers, the former being an album and the latter being a beat tape.

I’ve featured Nacido’s music on the blog a couple of times before and I’ve been impressed by his raw street tale driven lyrics and his almost early RZA’esque production.  I’m looking forward to hearing both projects to see how he strings together a proper album as well as a beat tape.

Here is a sampler he sent along with the announcement.

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Milwaukee’s Taste Emcees are back with a new mixtape called The Warning Shot.  Hosted by DJ L Boogie, it’s a collection of confident rhymes by Viva Fidel, Jae Klassik, and crew, about societal ills as well as your standard Hip-Hop tracks that challenge their peers to do better when on the M-I-C.

You can download it RIGHT HERE.

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