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Coming off of Milwaukee’s first attempt at hosting a Hip-Hop Honors show, honoree Coo Coo Cal has released a new single called “Where Dey Do Dat At?” which will be found on his new album Mandatory Release.  You can check out the track right here.


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VH1 does it…others do it…so why can’t Milwaukee do it as well?

On Sunday many of the people who are considered to be the pioneers of Milwaukee Hip-Hop’s commercial side are going to be honored at 618 Live on Water, with doors opening at 9PM and the awards beginning at 11PM.

If you look down the list of honorees, there are many names (if not all) that you will recognize.  We have honor being bestowed upon:

Coo Coo Cal, Mr. Do It To Death (now F1 Diamond), Doc B., Ice Mone (now Mack Mone), Baby Drew, A-G-2-A-Ke, Infinite Recordings, Flipside Records, Tony Neal, Reggie Brown, Wolf D., Rico Love, and several others.

The organizers of the event are It’s Just Money Entertainment, which is headed up by Steve Love, one of the founders of Infinite Recordings.

I’m sure that it’ll be really interesting to see all these guys in one spot and hear the stories that so many will tell as they reminicse…like I’m about to do right now.

OK, maybe I won’t…I’ll spare you…but it’s kind of fun to remember walking from 60th and Brown Deer to Northridge to check their local rap section for new music (I was a big fan of Mr. Do It To Death back in the day and I’m sad that all my early rap CD’s…both local and national…got destroyed), or that time that A-G-2-A-Ke came and played my high school talent show as the surprise special guests, and though I’ve never been from the projects, how awesome it was to have a Milwaukee artist busting out onto the national scene in Coo Coo Cal and how me and all my friends bought the single for “My Projects” and his album and played it constantly…or when Latrell Spreewell came into The Exclusive Company that I worked at to buy a shit ton of music, and didn’t choke anybody (c’mon son…anything having to do with Spreewell automatically gets a “choke” comment #dontchokemespree)

OK, that last one doesn’t have anything to do with music, but it just popped into my head.  P.S. RIP Brown Deer Exclusive Co.

I’m not going to be in Milwaukee this weekend, though I am in Milwaukee right now, but I can honestly say that I would go to this if I was.  Go and give these dudes some props…I mean, it’s only $10!

**Side Note** No Speech, Rusty P’s, Black Elephant, Late Night Hype Show, etc.?  Too underground?  Too soon?  Maybe next time.

**Side Note to the Side Note** Yes, I understand Speech as a part of Arrested Development sold millions of records, and that it was in the 90’s…so drop the “Too underground?” and the “Too soon” in regards to him.

**Now for a completely different Side Note** Whoever sent me the press release for this event, thank you.

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In honor of it being the weekend, I’m going to throw things back to 2001.  Coo Coo Cal’s commercial debut (and finale) Disturbed featured a single that isn’t “My Projects” called “How Does It Feel To Ya” featuring Koffee Brown and MidWikid.  The quality of the audio on the video isn’t that great, so you’ll have to turn it up a bit louder.

Party on Wayne.  Party on Garth.

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