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Halloween weekend is almost upon us and that means events galore for you to pick from this coming Friday and Saturday.  Here a couple of events with a Hip-Hop backbone that you may want to consider.


91.7 WMSE and Hot Pop’s Hip-Hop Series is having a special Halloween edition in their series that features Fresh Cut Collective, A-Biz, and the MadKids (Kid Cut Up and DJ Bizzon).  The event is being held at Bayview Brewhaus and it begins at 9PM.  There is a door charge of $10 and it is a 21+ event.  There is going to be a costume contest, judged by the members of Fresh Cut Collective, and prizes will be awarded to the winner.  Hmm…a bunch of guys judging a costume contest…I’m not trying to say that they’re going to select the foxiest dressed lady in the house, but guys don’t count on walking away with a prize.  I kid, I kid.

You can check out the event information RIGHT HERE.

If you are in the Waukesha area and don’t feel like making the drive into Milwaukee, Amerikas Addiction is going to be performing at Club That, with doors opening at 10PM.

You can get more information about this event RIGHT HERE.


An all ages event known as Terror At The Mall, is going on this Saturday from 6PM-8PM at Grand Avenue in the space that was previously occupied by Old Navy.  The League of Young Voters Education Fund is putting on the event that offers performances by Prophetic, Lah-Kid, The Cranberry Show, and others, in addition to having DJ Infotek and Homer Blow on the 1’s and 2’s.  The show is being hosted by Free and Rosci and there will be a special guest appearance by 106 and Park’s Terrance.

The “grown and sexy” edition of the night starts at 9PM and they remind all of you who are of proper voting age to vote this November 2nd.

You can check out the event information RIGHT HERE.

Also going on this Saturday, though later in the night, is the event being billed as Folloween at Stonefly Brewery starting at 10PM.  You are going to get performances from many of the performers that participated in the event written about just above this one…Prophetic, Lah-Kid, and The Cranberry Show.  Also joining those gentlemen on the bill are EMP representatives Streetz N Young Deuces.  The event is $5 for those who wear a costume and $7 for those who choose to go as themselves.

You can get more information about this event RIGHT HERE.

Well there you have it.  Make sure you have a fun and SAFE Halloween weekend!


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(**UPDATE** Fresh Cut Collective has issued a statement saying that they have talked with the owner of Horny Goat Hideaway and now believe all allegations of racism to be false in respect to HGH and their employees.)

Of all weekends, this past weekend turned out to be a very controversial one for the Milwaukee Hip-Hop and Art community.

Recently, a scandal has been created by Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan over his accusations that the non-profit group, TRUE Skool, known for working with at risk youth, is actually a front for populating the world with more graffiti artists.

On Friday and Saturday TRUE Skool held their 5th annual break dancing contest and block party, respectively, and one of the projects during the events was for students to create a mural under the tutelage of an artist named J-Bird.

The mural is done in the typical graffiti style on a building that gave the organization permission to do so with the agreement that it would be removed only days after it was painted.  The painting is reported to be a representation of the struggle between good and evil in the city of Milwaukee and has several stark apocalyptic images on it.

Ald. Donovan is quoted as saying that the levels of graffiti have risen since the creation of TRUE Skool as to indicate that they are directly correlated.  He has no proof of this of course.

From all accounts, this weekend was a success, with several hundred people attending and lots of fun had by all those in attendance.  There was live music all Saturday from many prominent members of the Milwaukee Hip-Hop community as well as a headline performance by the very community minded Minneapolis rapper Toki Wright…who via his twitter account even gave props to the event.

Donovan’s reaction to being challenged about the validity of his statements was irate and captured on video, and leads to a further understanding of his true colors for the youthful movements of the city even when they are completely legal.

To him, the mural represents crime and a lack of respect for authority and the city.  To the creators, the mural represents art and a safe way to express artistic freedom.  Expressing that those who did the creating are essentially criminals or criminals in training assumes that all young people interested in alternative art are predetermined to only follow a path of crime and danger.

Let’s break this down further; the alternative art community is often extremely diverse, consisting of people of different colors, and the graffiti style is often associated with minorities…so basically Bob is saying that there is no possible way for African-Americans, Latin-Americans, Asian Americans, etc. to express themselves artistically without wanting to destroy/hurt/harm something.  If one really thinks about the underlying tones of what Bob is saying, one could pull out of his words and anger that he doesn’t believe minorities are above acting like animalistic criminals that prey on the destruction of all that is good.

Bob has a problem if he is taking the easy route of just lumping everything he particularly doesn’t like together in a group and stamps it as being “BAD” regardless of whether it is legal or not.  What is illegal is illegal.  What is legal is legal.  They had permission to do what they did and it doesn’t matter if he likes it or not, they had to right to do it.

Milwaukee seems to have a problem catching up to other cities in respect to how the races play with each other, and an old white man calling TRUE Skool and what they represent essentially an artistic terrorist training facility slaps the different shades of skin straight across the face with a switch that is meant to remind those who participated to get back into their place.

Fast forward though Friday and Saturday to get to Sunday, when another eyebrow raising incident took place.

Local Hip-Hop group/band Fresh Cut Collective was scheduled to play a party at the Horny Goat Hideaway for an event put together by 4PM Magazine to celebrate the release of a new issue of their mag.

Only hours before the band was scheduled to play, they were suddenly told that they were no longer welcomed to play the event.

Now, this is a problem in and of itself because it goes to show the lack of respect that a Milwaukee establishment has for local music and the lack of professionalism exhibited by the organizers of the event.  Milwaukee is a place that is plagued by people who practice bad business when it comes to local music acts.

However, this isn’t the real problem.  The real problem is the alleged reason that they cancelled Fresh Cut Collective only hours before their scheduled performance.

One of the band members reported to me that HGH said they cancelled FCC due to the belief that they wouldn’t be right for the clientele at the establishment and that they would attract “too dark of a crowd”.

If the alleged comments are accurate, this is absolutely preposterous and is the very attitude Milwaukee continues to push forward through the recent past after they “rich and white”ed up Summerfest several years ago, and decided to cancel Riversplash when it got too dark for the comfort of the powers that be.

4PM Magazine and Horny Goat Hideaway did not respond to my emails as of yet and HGH had the phone off the hook it seems for much of yesterday after being called by many of FCC’s fans.

These two instances are bad enough on their own, but to put them together in the same weekend truly shows that Milwaukee is STILL not getting better and that YES it is indeed STILL very much afraid of Hip-Hop and all that comes with it…even if what comes with it is good and builds up the community.

Unfortunately, to many in power, the community being built up is not the right kind of community, or should I say color?

(For more about the mural scandal please follow these links: http://www.jsonline.com/blogs/entertainment/98756189.html?page=3#comments and http://www.cbs58.com/index.php?aid=13256&)

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There is no way to tell if the article I wrote last week about Radio Milwaukee adding some new Milwaukee Hip-Hop into the rotation to compliment their current playlist of artists had any sway on this week’s “New Music Wednesday”.  I’m sure it didn’t, but it was nice this morning to wake up to see both KHB and Fresh Cut Collective as artists that they are featuring on this week’s locally heavy contest (which also features Milwaukee’s Jaill…a rock group that has recently signed to Sub Pop and will be releasing a new album very soon).

The catch to this is that you have to vote for which song you like the best…and I believe you have to do it TODAY.  I don’t know the politics of the situation and whether all songs have been added to the rotation and the most popular will get the most spins over the coming months or if the winner is the only one that gets added to regular rotation.  Honestly, I hope that ALL these local artist’s tracks get added regardless of outcome because all three tracks are fantastic.


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Fresh Cut Collective has released a new single in advance of their self titled album release this May 29th at Mad Planet.  The song is called “Group-E” and it has some nice chops.


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