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IV Tin Soldiers representative SPEAK Easy is one of those emcees that can be counted on to deliver consistent music, driven by his smooth yet abrasive lyrical style, that sprinkles hydrochloric acid on anybody who could possibly catch feelings from his abusive lyrics.

For those of you who might not know that version of SPEAK Easy, you haven’t been keeping up with the newer music that followed his extremely solid front-to-back album Well Spoken.  The man has reinvented himself, allowing himself to go no-holds-barred…finally…while still holding true to what caught people’s attention initially to him as an artist.

The track “I’m Ready” which really starts off the mixtape has the potential to ruffle the feathers of a lot of local artists, calling out the “hollywood” types that have been populating the scene in his opinion.

There are a couple of tracks that you might be familiar with if you’ve paid attention to the internet over the past year. “Kick Down The Doors”, “Black 007”, “That Was Easy”, and “Warning Shot” have all hit the web with “Black 007” finding itself on several important Hip-Hop blogs in addition to gaining a spot on the first edition of Yo! MKE Raps.

The project is short and to the point…which the point of the project is to re-introduce people to SPEAK Easy before his new album comes out.  If this jawn doesn’t create buzz around SPEAK for what’s to come, then skills have no place in Hip-Hop anymore.

That Was Easy features production by Dave Derrilykt for AudioPilot Productions (who also engineered the project), Big Steve of GooniTunes, and has guest verses from Raze, Big Trip, Frankie Flowers, TKS, and Maal Himself.

If you like raw Hip-Hop, this is the joint for you…so download it now!

While you are downloading the joint, peep “I’m Ready” –



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IV Tin Soldier, SPEAK Easy, has recently unleashed upon the world a new song that is from his upcoming mixtape entitled That Was Easy.

“Rock That” is a track that further demonstrates SPEAK Easy’s dangerous rhyme style that dares people to mess with him on wax.  Over a piano and guitar driven beat provided by Dave Derrilykt of AudioPilot Productions, SPEAK simply does rock that track.

“Rock That” –

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When a new artist management group pops up, it’s typically not newsworthy.  But, when that group snags one of the more recognizable names in Milwaukee Hip-Hop and several others that are not only known, but are respected by many people in the scene, it becomes something that should be highlighted.

IV Tin Soldiers is a limited liability company that was set up by Sally Schiera and Kyle Mayhugh to push forward their clothing brand Ugly, in addition to working on Hip-Hop artist’s careers.

I became aware of this new movement near the top of the year after I learned that Misen Lync was parting ways with the Umbrella Music Group…leaving to be without a label but instead picking up management.  This wasn’t due to any animosity, I believe, rather it was just a business move Maal and the others felt was necessary to become flagship caliber artists.  All in all, you have to try things to grow, and they are still very much friendly so no harm, no foul.

Next, through the relation that Maal has to SPEAK Easy from their working together on the now seemingly defunct Dead Poets Society project, it was a natural progression for him to join up.  SPEAK is a very talented guy that can spit circles around a lot of people.

Finally, and this is what might make them more notable, they took over the management duties for Frankie Flowers, a guy who has grown in popularity considerably over the past year/year and a half, through a catchy single, doing lots of shows both in Milwaukee and outside of it, and he has also gained critical acclaim from local media.

As with all management groups, it’s going to be interesting to see what they are actually able to do with the talent that they have in Frankie, SPEAK, Maal, and TKS.  Many people often grumble about Milwaukee having a lack of professional leadership to match the talent of the artists.  Who knows, maybe IV Tin Soldiers is the group that has been needed for the Lyrical/Backpacker side of the scene, and maybe in the future we’ll talk about them and their achievements like many talk about Geraud Blanks (former manager of Black Elephant, current manager of Element Everest).  Only time will tell, but if they are equally as motivated about their artist’s careers as the artists are about the music they’re doing, then they will find a way to succeed.

It’s a horse a piece at the local level where a myriad of labels, “labels”, managers/management groups, publicists, etc. often fail to get to the next level nationally, but manage to build a large local following allowing some money to be made and recognition to come their way.  Milwaukee is really a tiny place and so many like to say they are going to do it differently but so many burn out after finally realizing that the outside eyes aren’t going to turn to MKE even though they tried different things.  It is quite possible that IV Tin Soldiers could be the exception to the rule.  I mean, who really knows?

SPEAK Easy will be releasing a mixtape and an album this year, and the other artists are recording but I’m not sure what else they have on the horizon musically.  At the very least, I’m excited about the prospects for SPEAK because he is one of my favorite local artists and he deserves more exposure then he’s already achieved.

As far as the clothing line goes, there is some information about it that can be found on TheMilly.com.  I’m know nothing about the fashion industry locally, so I’ll have to defer to my blogosphere comrade’s article.

Here is a track called “Warning Shots” by TKS, SPEAK Easy, Maal Himself, and Frankie Flowers…that go by Same Difference when doing tracks together (recorded/engineered by Dave Derrilykt for Audiopilot Productions).

Same Difference (TKS, SPEAK Easy, Maal Himself, Frankie Flowers) – Warning Shots

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