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In support of his album Living in Technocolor that was released a couple of months ago (now available for purchase here – http://www.houseofmutants.com/living), Raze has released a new single from the album called “Blue Collar” (featuring A.P.R.I.M.E.) that delivers the sentiment many people have about being at work…that they’d rather be somewhere else.

The music video for “Blue Collar” is a funny interpretation of the song, showing the sense of humor Raze has, live, in color.

Here is the video:


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It seems that the summer brings with it quality events each weekend.  This weekend we have a Uni.Fi show at the Cactus Club with KingHellBastard and the House of M, with DJ JDL on the 1’s and 2’s.  On Saturday Raze of the House of M will be releasing his new solo album Living in Technocolor via a party at The Highbury.  He will be joined by Element, SPEAK Easy, The Hollowz, and many…many other guests.

Well, it looks like you have your weekend planned for you.  Enjoy!

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Just announced:  Raze, House of M producer/emcee/engineer, recently announced the release party for his new solo album Living in Technocolor.  The party will be at The Highbury on June 12th and features performances by Raze, Element, SPEAK Easy, and The Hollowz…hosted by APRIME and Dana Coppafeel, spun by DJ JDL.

Now that sounds like one hell of a party.

Also, KingHellBastard is putting the finishing touches on the Remember The Name EP.  Here’s a little art to stare at while you’re waiting.

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Milwaukee Mutant, Raze, is currently finishing up his sophomore solo album Living In Technocolor, the follow up album to Dreaming In Greyscale.

In advance of the album, which is to be released June 15th, Raze has issued his first official single “One Hunnid”.

The single, produced by fellow Mutant Lou-Tang, is an anthem plain and simple.  Enjoy.

Raze – “One Hunnid” produced by Lou-Tang

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