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Def Harmonic is back with another album, this one titled Figs, and after giving it several listens, I’m convinced it could possibly be the best album to come out of Milwaukee this year (my apologies to all the artists that are going to get mad at that statement, but remember this is just opinion).  It’s daring, experimental, smooth and polished, and truly shows the chemistry of people who have been working together for a long time and what they’re capable of doing together as a unit (even though what they do separate of each other is great as well).

This album is Hip-Hop, Pop, Soul, Funk…this album is dope.  The sonic qualities of this album will be mind-blowing to people who have ears open to many different textures and the music lover will have so many things to dig through, track by track, that you can’t just listen to this one, once through.  The songs are enormous tapestries of delight created in an alternate universe apparently.  The lyrics and vocals match the exosphereic tunes with poignancy, personal and metaphoric images, and a pop sensibility that never allows any one direction to get stagnant.

Basically, what I’m trying to say, we all need to thank JTodd and Lunaversol9 for doing this album…and then beg them for more.

Things on the album kick off with an 80’s pop tinged track and then meanders into a brief song called “Backpack” before slamming you into “My Own Devices”, and from there on you will be locked into a constant groove.  My favorite cut off the record, at this moment in time, is “My Own Devices”.

I want to keep writing about this album but it’s far more beneficial for you to just listen to it (AND BUY IT) then it is to read what I have to say about it.  I provided the Bandcamp below, but RIGHT HERE is the link to it directly so you can buy it.

Figs is being released via Listening Party, a boutique label that uses the “pay what you’d like to” format for the digital version while asking a modest price for the vinyl versions of all their label’s projects.

The party to celebrate the release of Figs is being held at Bay View Brew Haus (2535 S Kinnickinnic Ave) starting at 9PM, THIS SATURDAY.

P.S. Shout out to Listening Party for really seeking out some dope stuff to push into the world, regardless of genre.  I kind of want to hug you.


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