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As the title of the article states, the event known as Hip-Hop Hates Breast Cancer was a great success this last Saturday night at Milwaukee’s Cactus Club.

What exactly is success you may be asking?  To me, success for the event started well before the night actually happened.  When I began organizing the event a couple of months ago, the artists that would be found on the bill fell into place with relative ease.  People weren’t just taking the attitude of “yeah, I’ll do it” but rather “YEAH!! I’ll do it!”  Going into an event with the artists as pumped about doing it as I was turned out to be a great blessing because it led to easy communication exchanges.  There were a few changes that had to be made to the lineup for the night, but that’s bound to happen as people remember other obligations…but all in all it was smooth sailing.

With that said, I have to acknowledge and thank the following:

Stricklin, AUTOMatic (and JDL), DJ Bizzon, The Hollowz, SPEAK Easy, Misen Lync, and Diva.

Another thing that you need to make an event successful is a venue that is supportive of what you are trying to do and the Cactus Club was exactly that.  When I struggled to find sponsorship to cover the facility and sound fee, the Cactus Club stepped up and said that they would take care of it themselves.  Now that is a great thing because it allowed 100% of the door money to go towards the benefit, thus maximizing the effort.  Some people may ask, “why did you pick the Cactus Club?”  It’s simple…they have GREAT sound, a great set up for shows, and hardworking bartenders. 

When you put all of that together, that makes for a great live music experience in my opinion.  I have to thank the Cactus Club and it’s people (including Alex the awesome sound guy) for all their hard work and for allowing us to rock another great show at their venue.

Yet another thing that led to the event being a success before the night took off was the willingness of the press and those interested in attending the event to talk about it so that buzz could surround the event and maybe catch the eye of some people who typically may not think about going to a Hip-Hop show, a Hip-Hop show in Bay View, etc.  It really creates awareness that there was an event going on in the first place, and that’s all an event organizer can hope for…people knowing that the event exists so that it can be placed on the brains of people and readily accessible to them when they flip through their mind’s Rolodex for stuff to do.

I have to thank to following media for their coverage:

Jordan Lee and 88Nine Radio Milwaukee; Dori, Kid Cut Up, DJ Bizzon, and WMSE; Geraud Blanks and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel; Bobby Tanzillo and OnMilwaukee.com; Steve Hyden and Milwaukee’s AV Club/The Onion; Evan Rytlewski and the Shepherd Express; and ALL of the blogs like Run-MKE, etc.

Lastly, but certainly the MOST important group to thank, all of the people that showed up to the event.  All 138 of you that came and paid the $5 in exchange for some good music, and all the people that maybe weren’t able to make it but STILL told people about the event so they could go in their place…thank you!  Never in a million years would I have thought we’d double PLUS some what we did with the Hip-Hop Hates Multiple Sclerosis event in April.  We had 65 paying customers then, and I was hoping for 75 this time…and holy crap the Cactus Club got SLAMMED! 

With a few extra donations, we raised $700 for Susan G. Komen for the Cure…and that is a gift that’s going to be given to them in the name of the Milwaukee Hip-Hop community…artists and fans, regardless of what artists or fans didn’t show up to the event…it was a success for you, for us.

At the end of the night and in the hours after the event had finished, I was asked by several people “when’s the next one going to be?” and “what is Hip-Hop going to hate next?”  At this time, “I don’t know” is my answer to both questions.  The one thing that I do know is that I am not going to try to make the next one bigger and better and more, more, more.  Somehow, if that becomes the focus for me, the essence of the event is lost because it’s no longer about the music and community coming together with me and other to do something good…it becomes about ME, and that is NOT what I want.

All I know is that in the future, some time in the first or second quarter of next year, there will be another Hip-Hop Hates event.  It will be at the Cactus Club.  It was feature performers that put on a helluva show.  It will be fun.  It will go to benefit a good cause.

Again, I want to sincerely thank everybody that was involved in the night as a performer, worker, volunteer (shout out to LaShonda and Chris Hill, as well as Marquis and Resa Norris for holding down the door when I was running around “organizing” stuff), and ALL of you that came to the event or thought positive thoughts about it throughout the night!  If I missed anybody, please forgive me but know that I thank you too!

Warmest Regards,

JC Poppe


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Yesterday I received all the low down, dirty, filthy, information about the brand new KHB project…the Remember The Name EP.

Peep the presser:

Die-hard Milwaukee hip-hop group KingHellBastard continues to deliver raucous boom bap and potent lyricism on their latest release from Uni-Fi Records. The album comes off a stellar 2009 which saw KHB receive constant airplay on 88.9 WYMS and 91.7 WMSE and led to the group winning Artist Of The Year and Video Of The Year in the Radio Milwaukee Awards, a trend which continues in 2010 with 88.9 already adding the first single “I Believe” to their rotation. Building upon years of riotous performances and international collaborations, KHB brings out the heavy artillery on the 8-song record with appearances from Sadat X of the legendary Brand Nubian, Def Jux affiliate Akrobatik, Raashan Ahmad from Crown City Rockers, Stricklin from hip-hop supergroup EMC, and blazing cuts from The White Shadow of Norway. Starting off with a veritable explosion of sonic energy and a thunderous verse from Akrobatik on the song “Clubber Lang”, MCs Dana Coppafeel, Shemp, and DNA waste no time heralding their return with steely-eyed conviction over a heart-stopping beat from producer Reason, accented by the nimble bass playing of LMNTlyst and deft scratching of resident DJ OneL. Keeping the intensity high, the record hits a celebratory note with the second track “I Believe” featuring an exuberant verse from crowd rocker Raashan Ahmad over joyous horn blasts and breakneck drums from Reason and a blistering scratch coda from White Shadow. Side A closes with two slices of serious funk, the booming bass of the White Shadow produced “It’s The Crew Again” featuring the unmistakable voice of Sadat X, and the certified G-Funk banger “North Coast” featuring a hilarious verse from fellow Milwaukee native Stricklin. With Side A dedicated to showcasing some of the collaborative efforts KHB have generated from constant touring, Side B allows the group to stand on it’s own considerable talents with three songs from in-house Uni-Fi producer The White Russian. First is the kaleidoscopic “PhD” where the MCs weave in and out of the verses as the beat builds up in layers of shifting soundscapes. Next comes the fist-pumping ode to hip-hop’s golden age “A Tribe Called Bastard”, where each MC references quotables from the past over a beat that could have been at home on a tape deck in 1988 and recalls classics like “Scenario” and “The Choice Is Yours”. Lastly comes the heartfelt hometown anthem “Ma’waukee”, an introspective look at the blue-collar roots and hardscrabble character of the Midwest set to a soulful and exultant beat that has already proven to be a show-stopper during live performances

The homies in KHB are having the release party at Mad Planet and in exchange for your $10 cover, you get a copy of the project ON VINYL…how Hip-Hop is that?!  Even nicer than that is the fact that Raashan Ahmad is going to be in the house doing his thing while they shoot the music video for  “I Believe” which features Ahmad.  You can’t go wrong going to this one.

Speaking of the project, this shit is just fresh.  I’ve been sitting on it for a minute now and have been quietly enjoying it like a muhfucka.  I’ve been a supporter of KHB for a while now and I’ve also dug all the side projects…Cups and Bottles, DNA’s solo, Dana’s slew of work…and I have never heard them sound better as a group than on this project.  They sound like a tight knit unit.  You can tell tons of work has gone into this jawn, so props to the bastids for adding another quality project to their discography.

I also want to make sure that I highlight the quality of the production on the album, courtesy primarily of Reason and The White Russian.  They bring raw energy that ebbs and flows in and out of being frantic and smooth, showcasing further the 90’s revival in the underground while keeping it today *no autotune*.

My Side-A favorite is probably “I Believe” right now and my Side-B favorite is “PhD”, right now.  3 weeks ago is was “Clubber Lang” with Akrobatik and “Ma’waukee” (side A and B respectively).

Matter of fact, cop this joint when it comes out.

For your listening pleasure, “Ma’waukee” –

Here is the art for the project:



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 True Skool will be holding their 5th annual block party this weekend with B-Boy battles on Friday and a day of concerts on Saturday featuring many of the Milwaukee names that you know (Raze, House of M, Rusty Ps, Kid Cut Up, Umbrella Music Group, Madhatter, Adebisi, etc.) as well as headliner, Rhymesayers Entertainment’s own Toki Wright.

For a complete list of performers and times CLICK HERE.

There is a lot of good community building type stuff going on surrounding this event as well so peep the press release for all the important information:

TRUE Skool’s 5th Annual Block Party

TRUE Skool will kick off their 2 day event with the annual breakdancing battle, Adopt a Community Program Kick-Off and Block Party!

TRUE Skool’s 5th Annual Block Party: The Cyphers is being held on July 16th & 17th 2010 in partnership with RedBull, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Safe Alternatives for Youth Grant, Walker’s Point Association, 88.9 RadioMilwaukee, Time Warner Cable, and many other great sponsors! These events are designed to provide youth and young adults with empowering and positive opportunities for self expression through talent showcases, community service opportunities, and public art.

The two day event kicks off on Friday July 16th with the TRUE Skool/Motion Disorderz Crew Anniversary Bboy Battle-an all ages breakdance battle in honor of TRUE Skool’s & Motion Disorderz Crew 11th year anniversary of working together to provide safe, fun, and empowering events for youth. This year’s battle will take place at the Kosciuszko Community Center (2201 S. 7 St., Milwaukee, WI) from 5:00-10:30pm. Special guest judge is Bboy Roxrite, who is sponsored by RedBull.

Saturday July 17th, we have partnered with the Walker’s Point Association for our Adopt a Community Kick-Off event from 10am-12noon. Volunteers will meet at 10am at the block party location (212 E. Mineral St.) to pick up garbage, mark storm drains, and remove illegal graffiti in the Walker’s Point Neighborhood. Then from 12noon-9pm, we will host TRUE Skool’s 5th Annual Block Party: The Cyphers. TRUE Skool youth participants and staff have worked hard to bring Milwaukee an exciting showcase of both local and national youth and adult performers, DJs, musicians, breakdancers, and visual artists. The block party will include live music from 12-9pm with headliner Toki Wright from the Rhymesayers, live graffiti art exhibitions, the RedBull Outdoor Art Gallery featuring artwork on display and for sale from TRUE Skool youth artists and MIAD service learning students, the Grime Official Skate Park, breakdancing workshops, a community informational fair, vendors, food, and a beer tent from 4-9pm.

In addition to the events in July, TRUE Skool is working with the Walker’s Point Association to conduct clean ups throughout the summer from July to September through our Adopt a Community Program (AaC). The Kick Off for the AaC on Saturday July 17th will be the beginning of those weekly clean ups which include illegal graffiti removal and garbage clean-ups.

For more information please contact Sarah Patterson, Executive Director of TRUE Skool at info@trueskool.org or visit http://trueskool.org/2010BlockParty.htm.

You should definitely go to this event.

For more information about True Skool CLICK HERE.

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Summerfest likes to pick some of the performers that play Big Gig to interview and capture moments of their set.  Milwaukee Hip-Hop’pers The Lab Experiment, Kid Cut Up & DJ Madhatter, were among the many video tapped this year.  Here are the interviews.

The Lab Experiment

Kid Cut Up & DJ Madhatter

Also, Prophetic grabbed some footage of his performance and experience from Summerfest this year.  Here it is.

I know that KingHellBastard was interviewed but that hasn’t popped up yet so hopefully it will soon…you just know they will have something interesting to say.

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Boom Bap is alive and well in the hands of Jihad Baracus, but more importantly Jihad is alive and well.  After a temultuous couple of years on the personal side of things, Jihad is back and ready to re-launch back into the music community beyond being a Miltown Beat Down contestant…which is great for emcees that are seeking the punch, stab, crunch, pound, and slap sounds created by Jihad’s sample placement and powerful drums.

I was able to catch up with Jihad Baracus, no relation to Bosco, to see what’s good.

I know that you started out as an emcee.  What got you into doing Hip-Hop?

I use to play records on my Fisher Price turntable when I was five.  My dad copped some Grand Master Flash records and some Sugar Hill records because he didn’t want me messing around with his Motown records.  I started doing my thing on the mic around ’86 just for fun ribbin cats on the yellow bus and what not.  I got really really serious around the mid-nineties.  I used to spit in my dorm room back when I was at Alabama A&M.

You are now behind the boards, composing beats.  What led you to transition in making the music instead of the lyrics?

It used to mess around with drum machines back in the late eighties, my freshman and sophomore years of high school.  My dad had a really nice record collection.  I would go in the basement after I came home from Tech and listen to records for hours.  I used to deal with a couple of local producers that were unorganized or control freaks so I copped an ASR10 back in ‘96 and here I am.  

As a producer, you are more of a hardware type of guy.  What equipment do you use to compose your bangers?

I learned how to make beats on the ASR10.  All of my homies from A&M were rocking the 10 and a lot of kids I knew in Milwaukee were using it too.  Now in 2010 I use the MPC 2500.  The work flow is crazy, it has a USB port that I use to backup and transfer files from my computers and the sequencer is the best hardware sequencer I’ve ever used.  I’ve been in the lab making beats on my SP1200 lately.  I’m working on a project that’s all SP1200 called 10 Seconds of Murder.  It should be finished in the fall.

2 years ago you were a quarter-finalist in the Miltown Beat Down.  Last year you were one of the champions.  This year, the beat down underwent a facelift as Jordan Lee tried some new things to keep the event fresh.  How did you feel about the changes?

Let me clear this up, I’m the 2009 Champ.  I won the main event which was the freestyle head to head competition.  Some heads that were not at the Beat Down or who did not follow it that year got it twisted.  Magic [Fingaz] won the remix competition and Adlib won the live battle.  It was kind of like first, second, and third.

I welcome change.  I’m always game to try new types of shit.  It gets kind of boring doing the same thing every go ‘round.  Different types of challenges make you a more well-rounded producer.

Your NFL beat is legendary among those of us who attended the beat battles regularly.  Can you walk me through the process Jihad Baracus goes through when making a killer beat like that one?

The process was crazy.  I never set out to make a banger.  I was at work with my laptop, I downloaded The NFL on FOX theme song and started chopping it up in a program called Recycle.  I think I chopped it into ten pieces.  When I got home I loaded it to the MPC and added some drums.  It was really just an experiment.  Once I got the samples into the MPC it only took me about 20 minutes to make.  I wasn’t going to even play it that night but the dude I was going up against was so cocky and I was in front of a capacity crowd…I had to kill him!  I actually made two NFL beats.  I put the new NFL beat on the five minute beats set I sent you.

What and who are you working with/on right now?

I just joined the House Of M, I did a cut on the new Raze album, I’m working on some songs with Speak Easy, JC Poppe, Yetudae (Critical Analysis) of my old group Black Surreal, Bru’Tal, and me and Lex Luther are working on a project called Championship Material.

You’ve been holding Milwaukee down for a while.  There is a lot of buzz about this new school of MKE Hip-Hop artists.  I know you aren’t a man to hold your tongue, so what are your views on the state of Milwaukee Hip-Hop?

I dig some of the new cats.  I really dig Frankie Flowers, Blizz McFly, The Cranberry Show, Pizzle, and Prophetic.  There are some older cats that I would like to work with like Strick, Twan Mack, Drew, Cal, Scotty Knoxx, and Rico Love.

The locks that you had been carrying for years are now missing.  What led you to start fresh?

I got tired of them.  I may grow them back.  Who knows?

At the Beat Down finals last year, you got nasty on 40 Mil with the sample “…40? Nobody gives a fuck about 40”.  I know myself and others were hoping for a rematch between you two this year, which unfortunately didn’t happen.  If 40 was down, would you give him a chance to get you back?

I had to go hard on 40 if I wanted the crown.  I grew up with 40 and we produced some of the same people back of the day so he knew what I had in my catalog.  Me and 40 can have a rematch any time he’s ready.  Shit 40 has been over to the crib.  I don’t give a fuck, we can set up the equipment on my front porch and bang out for the neighbors.  The diss clip I used against 40 was from the HBO show The Wire.

Any shout outs?

DJ Madhatter, Kid Cut Up, Moda3, The House of M, and all of those who support Jihad Baracus.  If you need some beats for a project, holla at ya boy.  JihadBaracus@yahoo.com.

Here are two of the infamous beats Jihad used to level the competition in his 2009 Miltown Beat Down win as well as a 5 minute arrangement of bangers for your enjoyment.

NFL on FOX –

STYX (Forty) –

Five Minute Beat Set –

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It is that time of year once again in Milwaukee.  It’s Summerfest time.

Here is the lineup of Milwaukee Hip-Hop artists playing The Big Gig, and when/where they are playing.  Enjoy!

Friday, June 25th

U.S. Cellular Connection Stage with Leinenkugel’s and FM 102/1

5:30PM – The Lab Experiment

Monday, June 28th

Cascio Interstate Music Groove Stage with the Shepherd Express and WMSE 91.7

7:30PM – Fresh Cut Collective

Harley-Davidson Roadhouse with Miller Genuine Draft

7:00PM – Kinto Sol

9:00PM – DJ Madhatter & Kid Cut Up

Tuesday, June 29th

U.S. Cellular Connection Stage with Leinenkugel’s and FM 102/1

8:00PM – KingHellBastard

Friday, July 2nd

Miller Lite Oasis

8:00PM – Prophetic

9:00PM – DJ Madhatter & Kid Cut Up

If I missed anybody, please let me know so I can add them.

– The Digital One

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Memorial Day weekend is always a busy time.  This year is no exception to that rule.  There is a whole host of events for people to pick from over the weekend.  The gem being Friday night’s Miltown Beat Down finals at the Wherehouse.  If you have heard yet, Freeway is going to be performing, and Jake One and Vitamin D are going to be in the house as guest judges.  The very talented Frankie Flowers will also be performing.

The true stars of the night; 40 Mil, Zeekzilla, DJ Peru, and Lex Luther…are going to provide the true thunder of the evening hoping that they leave every neck broken.

A lot of people have been waiting for this Saturday night because of Fresh Cut Collective’s release party, but it’s not the only thing worth going to in the city that night.

I’m definitely going to stop by the FCC party to get my copy of their new self-titled album, one that if you’ve been keeping up with the snippets they’ve been dropping here and there, is certain to be worth your hard earned cash.

Travel a little south to the Cactus Club and you have APRIME and The Hollowz performing a show w/ DJ Optimist.  APRIME is a ton of fun to watch and the new music that he’s preparing for his upcoming solo album is FANTASTIC.

Lastly, come back to the middle between Mad Planet and Cactus Club, and you have a party going down at Moct.  Mash-up DJs Elechroic will be keeping things funny for you while some Chi-Town artists made the trip North to rock the microphone.

So, as you can see…your Friday is set, and you have some great options for Saturday.  Whatever the case, have fun and be safe!

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