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As of November 8th, 2010, Milwaukee UP has officially made the move to OnMilwaukee.com.  This WordPress account will stay active as an archive of everything written before November 8th.

Please visit the new (On)Milwaukee UP by following THIS LINK.

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Milwaukee UP is moving.  MOVING?!  Yes, moving (and it’s a good thing)!

Let me step back and explain what’s going on here.

I started this blog a little over 8 months ago after 3 things took place.

1.)  Dana Coppa talked about the lack of coverage Milwaukee Hip-Hop gets in his interview with Milwaukee’s AV Club.

2.)  Rapper SPEAK Easy told me that I have a lot of good thoughts about stuff and that I should take some of the stuff that I’ve learned from my limited success and share it with the public at large.

3.)  While he was in Austin, attending SXSW, Tarik Moody of 88Nine Radio Milwaukee threatened me with physical harm if I didn’t start a proper blog after I decided to rant about something on Twitter.

That, in addition to my deep love of Milwaukee Hip-Hop and the scene, was enough to get the ol’ wheels a turnin’ and Milwaukee UP was born.  At first, I didn’t honestly know what was going to happen with it.  I didn’t know if artists would take what I was doing seriously.  I didn’t know if people were honestly interested in reading about my thoughts on different topics.  I didn’t know if people, when it wasn’t time to be seen for popularity’s sake, were really interested in reading about Milwaukee Hip-Hop.

Well, even though there were so many questions floating around in my head, I began writing and quickly populated the blog with posts about how to not be racist, how to properly promote one’s music, how to book shows without counting on a promoter, and I started getting interviews from people within the scene.  Things kind of took off on me, and essentially I haven’t looked back since.

Within the first week or two, I found Milwaukee UP mentioned in articles by the Shepherd Express and Third Coast Digest, and I was asked by blogger Zillz of ZillaSays.com to join up with his website.  Within the first month or two, I received emails from the writers around the city of Milwaukee that I aspire to be like, complimenting the blog.  I even received emails from two people that I greatly respect that contained offers to write for their publications.  At this point, I was slightly overwhelmed with everything because I didn’t expect people to take what I had been doing, so seriously.  Sure, I was serious about it but I didn’t know that it would be looked upon as being something serious.  I turned one offer down and gave the other person enough reasons to rescind their offer.

Several months went by and post after post I saw a steady amount of traffic coming into the blog.  It wasn’t a ton, but it was enough to continually validate that there was a market for what I was doing.  It was just a matter of time for the word to get out more and more about the blog, and I had the patience to wait, to cultivate, to grow.  I by no means was/am perfect with Milwaukee UP and though I try to be unbiased, it was easy to tell what I really personally enjoyed and what I was posting about just to help pass around the information about its existence.  I know some people are probably upset with me about that, but as I always say, if you don’t think I’m doing a good enough job…please do better than me because I am not the end all, be all, answer to writing about Milwaukee Hip-Hop…not even in the slightest.  Through those several months I also tried to do my best to write for ZillaSays.com to gain more eyes from his national readers, but I was still trying to organize myself and I had to step away from the opportunity.

Bottom line, the main reason that I started Milwaukee UP was to get more eyes on what Milwaukee Hip-Hop was doing.  I wanted the eyes from both inside the city and outside of the city to have a place where they could go to whet their appetite so that they’d dig for more, and though the ZillaSays.com thing didn’t work out extraordinarily well, I know that it worked to some degree just as I know that there are people out there that found out about something going on in Milwaukee Hip-Hop solely through my blog.

That’s why when I was approached by OnMilwaukee.com a second time, after 8 months of doing the blog and finally understanding things much better than when I had begun, I had to jump at the opportunity being presented to me.  It’s nothing super-duper fancy…I’m not a staff writer, they didn’t give me the key to their business or anything like that.  But, what they did do is provide for Milwaukee UP a place that can potentially grab tens of thousands of eyes instead of hundreds of eyes, daily, in the market that YOU, the scene, primarily service and ask for support.  They provided a place for a steady Hip-Hop column that digs a little deeper and will hopefully fit in with their excellent writing about music, culture, and all that is Milwaukee.

So, effective as of this coming Monday, November 8th, OnMilwaukee.com will be featuring my writing and this Milwaukee UP WordPress account will become an accessible vault of all that was done previous to that date.  I hope that you transition over to OMC with me, and not only that, I hope you dig in to all of the Milwaukee publications that write about music and culture because there’s a lot of great stuff happening in Milwaukee no matter what statistics say about it.  For a scene to truly be a scene and a community to thrive, it’s crucial to be as involved as one possibly can be.

Shout outs to Bobby and OnMilwaukee.com; Steve and AV Club Milwaukee; Evan and the Shepherd Express; DJ of Fan-Belt and Third Coast Digest; Seizure Chicken and all it’s great writers; Tarik, Jordan, Marcus, Adam, and the entire staff of 88Nine; Erin, Ryan, Dori, Kid Cut Up, DJ Bizzon of WMSE and the whole crew there; Geraud; Mr. Potter; and all of the other great writers or personalities that inspire me to get better at putting words together to form sentences.

However the BIGGEST shout out goes to anybody and everybody who has ever read Milwaukee UP once, twice, or repeatedly…I sincerely appreciate all of you!  Let’s continue to work on supporting a scene that is honestly worth supporting.

(On)Milwaukee UP!

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