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Nacido Negro sent me a new song called “Guilty” in which he samples the haunting song “Knights in White Satin” by The Moody Blues to help drive home an angry track about a myriad of topics.  Peep it.

You can also see Nacido Negro tomorrow at Y-Not III at the MATC emcee battle, beginning at 9PM.  DJ Bizzon will be spinning the event.


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Here is the newest offering from Nacido Negro’s upcoming project Ear Food.

“House Iz Smokin” –

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Nacido Negro has offered up another new track from his upcomming album Ear Food, a double disk effort that will have a proper album as well a beat tape.  The name of the track is “Move On”.

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Over the past couple of weeks I have received a couple of songs from some Milwaukee UP mainstays, some new people that would just like me to hear their music, and I’ve caught a few links of new music that were tossed around Facebook.  Due to me being on vacation, twice, and having lots to do on other fronts I wasn’t able to devote time to creating individual posts for these songs.  However, I did want to get around to featuring them so that if you DIDN’T know about them by now, you can get familiar.


Amerikas Addiction – I’m On –

Amerikas Addiction – Far Away –

Born Brothaz – Fear Drake –

Nacido Negro – Handling Business –

Bandana – The Brewprint (produced by Haz Solo) –

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Nacido Negro is getting ready to showcase both sides of his repertoire on October 5th through the release of Ear Food: Appetizers & Samplers, the former being an album and the latter being a beat tape.

I’ve featured Nacido’s music on the blog a couple of times before and I’ve been impressed by his raw street tale driven lyrics and his almost early RZA’esque production.  I’m looking forward to hearing both projects to see how he strings together a proper album as well as a beat tape.

Here is a sampler he sent along with the announcement.

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Yesterday I was emailed some new Nacido Negro songs and based on how impressed I was with the last songs I was sent, I gave these new tracks an enthusiastic shot.  They are again in the same tone of the previous tracks, which is very serious.

Nacido is an emcee that definitely raps about the plight of the urban landscape with a similar style as his peers, but the one thing that really sets him apart is that his songs always have a glimmer of hope in them…or at least a message that states directly or indirectly that things don’t have to be so dire.  There is a desire for a better life and/or way of doing things.  I like that aspect, because honestly…who needs more gangster rap for the sake of being gangster?

From what I’ve heard of NN, I’d put him akin to early “gangster” rap like NWA and The Geto Boys.  They were in it, and had to report about it, but didn’t necessarily enjoy the things they were reporting or reportedly doing.  The new gangster is in stark contrast to that as it’s all about capitalistically raping every circumstance possible for shine, fame, etc., with little to no (sometimes negative) redeeming qualities.

You have to remember that the original gangster rap was really “reality” rap that built off of what Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five had previously done when he exposed the street life in the disco rap era.  Now fast forward to 2010, essentially 20 years after being “gangster” became extremely profitable and the vast majority of it is just fantasy rap.  They are fantasy gangsters.

Well, I’m sure that’s more reading and pontificating than you bargained for, and you really just wanted to listen to the music…so here it is.

“The Wire” –

“187 (Trust That)” featuring J-Reed –

**Sad note about “187 (Trust That)” is that rapper J-Reed who is featured on the song was tragically murdered last year in a home invasion that was believed to be related to drugs, as reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.**

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The nice thing about having a blog is that I get exposed to music that I may have not come across in other ways.  Sometimes what I hear is subpar, and sometimes it’s really not bad.  Other times it’s quite good.

That being said, I have absolutely no idea who Nacido Negro is but he sent me some music today and really not bad.  It’s actually quite good.  He sent two tracks and I believe they are from his upcomming album entitled Born Black.  Nacido, if you come across this, put a little bio in your emails…that goes for all artists.  I don’t need to know why you are so hot or what’s missing from the game (those statements are so cliche…the horse is dead, so let’s stop beating it), but I would like to know a little about you and why you are doing music, and the background of the tracks themselves.  It helps me to pass on information about you, which is what you want…at least I think so.

The two tracks, “Hero’s Inn (King Heroin)” and “Neo Shackles” featuring Cally, are heavy songs with the first being about the plight of a person with an addictive personality and how drugs can tear them down, and the second speaking on how skin color…no matter how modern society is today…still affects perception.

I’m not a sound geek so I don’t care about mixing as much as I care about the quality of the lyrics, style, etc., and both songs are full of words that I found myself wanting to listen to and understand.

If I were you, I’d take 10 minutes out to listen to the two tracks and see what you think.  With a little better sound quality, these tracks are ready to be pressed up.

“Hero’s Inn (King Heroin)” –

“Neo Shackles” feat Cally –

– The Digital One

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