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Halloween weekend is almost upon us and that means events galore for you to pick from this coming Friday and Saturday.  Here a couple of events with a Hip-Hop backbone that you may want to consider.


91.7 WMSE and Hot Pop’s Hip-Hop Series is having a special Halloween edition in their series that features Fresh Cut Collective, A-Biz, and the MadKids (Kid Cut Up and DJ Bizzon).  The event is being held at Bayview Brewhaus and it begins at 9PM.  There is a door charge of $10 and it is a 21+ event.  There is going to be a costume contest, judged by the members of Fresh Cut Collective, and prizes will be awarded to the winner.  Hmm…a bunch of guys judging a costume contest…I’m not trying to say that they’re going to select the foxiest dressed lady in the house, but guys don’t count on walking away with a prize.  I kid, I kid.

You can check out the event information RIGHT HERE.

If you are in the Waukesha area and don’t feel like making the drive into Milwaukee, Amerikas Addiction is going to be performing at Club That, with doors opening at 10PM.

You can get more information about this event RIGHT HERE.


An all ages event known as Terror At The Mall, is going on this Saturday from 6PM-8PM at Grand Avenue in the space that was previously occupied by Old Navy.  The League of Young Voters Education Fund is putting on the event that offers performances by Prophetic, Lah-Kid, The Cranberry Show, and others, in addition to having DJ Infotek and Homer Blow on the 1’s and 2’s.  The show is being hosted by Free and Rosci and there will be a special guest appearance by 106 and Park’s Terrance.

The “grown and sexy” edition of the night starts at 9PM and they remind all of you who are of proper voting age to vote this November 2nd.

You can check out the event information RIGHT HERE.

Also going on this Saturday, though later in the night, is the event being billed as Folloween at Stonefly Brewery starting at 10PM.  You are going to get performances from many of the performers that participated in the event written about just above this one…Prophetic, Lah-Kid, and The Cranberry Show.  Also joining those gentlemen on the bill are EMP representatives Streetz N Young Deuces.  The event is $5 for those who wear a costume and $7 for those who choose to go as themselves.

You can get more information about this event RIGHT HERE.

Well there you have it.  Make sure you have a fun and SAFE Halloween weekend!


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In advance of his upcoming album, Mo Profit Mo Progress 2, Proph has released his first single from the project, a song called “Hunnid Karats”.

There isn’t a date nailed down for the release of the project yet but I’ve been told that it’s going to be relatively soon.

“Hunnid Karats” –

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Free food.  Free school supplies.  Free games.  Free entertainment.  This is what the people who have organized Put The Guns Down are promising, and I think all of those things together equals free fun.

Some of the people that will be performing are Lah Kid, Cincere, Adi, Blizz McFly, Prophetic, and The Cranberry Show.

The event will be taking place in areas 9 and 10 of Washington Park with everything kicking off at 11AM.

You can find out more information about this event RIGHT HERE.

Have a great Labor Day weekend and be safe!

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Today, the good folks over at Umbrella Music Group dropped their newest webtape, this time from Tay Butler.

Tay is a guy who has been around for a while but was absent from the scene for a hot minute to fulfill his overseas requirements with our United States Armed Forces.

Now that he’s back he has been hard at work preparing not only a new webtape but an album that is to be released at a later date.

I like Tay, as a rapper and a person, so it’s nice to hear him back on the microphone.

As far as the release goes, it’s 10 songs of Tay flowing in and out of the beats provided by Dylan Thoms, Adlib, Haz Solo, and then some industry beats (it is a web(mix)tape), and there are some features by the UMG crew of course.  Also featured on the project is Pizzle, CT, and Justice Born.  It was recorded and mixed by Adlib.

Go ahead and download Tay Butler Presents UMG Summer League RIGHT HERE!

Here’s my favorite joint off the project, “Home” (produced by Adlib)…I personally am the type of person who appreciates depth to the music I listen to and this track definitely shows depth. I also really like the beat Lib put together for this track. –

AND for your added satisfaction, I thought I would include this hilarious picture that was created by Haz Solo.

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And the Proph train keeps on a’chuggin.  He has released another new music video.

Here is “A Little Mo”, directed by Rubin Whitmore II.

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Summerfest likes to pick some of the performers that play Big Gig to interview and capture moments of their set.  Milwaukee Hip-Hop’pers The Lab Experiment, Kid Cut Up & DJ Madhatter, were among the many video tapped this year.  Here are the interviews.

The Lab Experiment

Kid Cut Up & DJ Madhatter

Also, Prophetic grabbed some footage of his performance and experience from Summerfest this year.  Here it is.

I know that KingHellBastard was interviewed but that hasn’t popped up yet so hopefully it will soon…you just know they will have something interesting to say.

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Several months ago there was a debate that began on 88Nine Radio Milwaukee’s blog when Tarik Moody asked if Milwaukee was afraid of Hip-Hop.  Everybody (AV Club Milwaukee, Shepherd Express, Fan Belt, and many individuals in the comment sections) seemed to pick up on it and answered in their own way.  One person who joined the discussion even asked if 88Nine itself was afraid of Hip-Hop being that the majority of what it seems to play is not all too recent (lots of 90’s stuff that could be seen as “safe”).

We are half way through the year and many different blogs are doing their 1/2 way point lists for 2010 and that got me thinking about what some of my favorite Milwaukee Hip-Hop songs from this year are, so far.  I decided to venture over to Radio Milwaukee’s website to see what they’ve been diggin’ on and after scrolling backwards from July 6th to June 20th, I realized a trend…they’re playing the same Milwaukee Hip-Hop songs by and large that they were pushing all last year.

I guess I was a bit surprised by this because I know how much Milwaukee Hip-Hop has already come out, including new singles by artists they themselves are pumping.  What surprised me even more were the omissions of artists that I know fit the 88Nine demographic.

I searched all the usual suspects, and sure, some of them probably didn’t take the time to send their records over to 88Nine but I know for sure several of them did because I did it for them or they told me that they did.  Also, I know that the deejays get sent tons of music and they prefer edited stuff which they don’t have to scratch out the expletives, but I can tell you first hand that they will do it.

Lastly, I’m starting to get a feeling that it might not necessarily be the deejays at the station or some of the others that work there that should be looked at for this imbalance because Tarik, Jordan, Marcus, and Adam, are all very deeply rooted in the Milwaukee music scene and might know about everything out there between the 4 of them…so it appears to be more of a managerial issue.  This is all speculation of course.

Alright, here is who got plays and how many (as of July 6th, 2010):

Frankie Flowers – 228; Prophetic – 66; Figureheads – 65; The Lab Partners – 63; Oneself – 31; KingHellBastard (KHB) – 29; Kid Millions – 14; JC Poppe – 2; Element – 1; Fresh Cut Collective – 1.

That last group getting 1 play baffles me.  Fresh Cut Collective is embraced by all different types of people in Milwaukee and I know that 88Nine is well versed in FCC’s music, but they only get 1 play?

The confusion doesn’t stop there.  I was very surprised to find that Melissa Czarnik, nor Eric Mire, received any plays on Radio Milwaukee…and NEVER have (according to the information found on the 88Nine website).  Again, you would figure that either of those artists are a lock when you consider the diverse ears of 88Nine listeners and their popularity in Milwaukee.

A few others who have released albums or singles recently, to somewhat recently, are also missing.  People like Dana Coppafeel, D. Ellzey, Signif, and Haz Solo & Dylan Thomas.  I highlight these artists because I am positive the radio station knows about these artists releases.  Also, even though Prophetic is on the list of artists played this year, he has released several new singles that have been buzzed about but have not received airplay.

I understand that the first half of the year has been tough for Radio Milwaukee with Scott Mullins leaving, but I think it’s time to rotate in some new music to compliment the several songs 88Nine has firmly established as being their core of Milwaukee Hip-Hop.

(NOTE: It is quite possible that I missed an artist or two.  Please correct me if I missed somebody.)

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