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Nacido Negro sent me a new song called “Guilty” in which he samples the haunting song “Knights in White Satin” by The Moody Blues to help drive home an angry track about a myriad of topics.  Peep it.

You can also see Nacido Negro tomorrow at Y-Not III at the MATC emcee battle, beginning at 9PM.  DJ Bizzon will be spinning the event.


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Coming off of Milwaukee’s first attempt at hosting a Hip-Hop Honors show, honoree Coo Coo Cal has released a new single called “Where Dey Do Dat At?” which will be found on his new album Mandatory Release.  You can check out the track right here.

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Triple S, also known as Big Trip, has a new song floating around that I believe is part of his new EP that’ll be coming out fairly soon.  The joint is called “Make Your Move” and you can peep it right here.

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Here is the first song released from Dukalion’s upcoming mixtape, StillBlue, called “I’m Da Man”

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In advance of his upcoming album, Mo Profit Mo Progress 2, Proph has released his first single from the project, a song called “Hunnid Karats”.

There isn’t a date nailed down for the release of the project yet but I’ve been told that it’s going to be relatively soon.

“Hunnid Karats” –

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Are you a Ray Nitti fan?  He has a new song called “Show Off” that features Markell Clay.

You can hear the song by clicking RIGHT HERE.

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Haz Solo has released another new song in his quest to release more music in one year than any other person has in their whole career.  I kid, and very often so does Haz, but Haz isn’t about his new track’s title and subject matter which happens to be “Swag Angel”.

The story behind the song is that he brought the beat to the table for something he’s working on with Tay Butler and when Tay passed on it, he decided to go for a hit with it.  The title of track is further explained as being named as thus due to the feeling he got from the beat after he made it.

It is available here for you to check out and if you dig it, you can show your support by buying it RIGHT HERE.

Swag Angel –

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