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As the title of the article states, the event known as Hip-Hop Hates Breast Cancer was a great success this last Saturday night at Milwaukee’s Cactus Club.

What exactly is success you may be asking?  To me, success for the event started well before the night actually happened.  When I began organizing the event a couple of months ago, the artists that would be found on the bill fell into place with relative ease.  People weren’t just taking the attitude of “yeah, I’ll do it” but rather “YEAH!! I’ll do it!”  Going into an event with the artists as pumped about doing it as I was turned out to be a great blessing because it led to easy communication exchanges.  There were a few changes that had to be made to the lineup for the night, but that’s bound to happen as people remember other obligations…but all in all it was smooth sailing.

With that said, I have to acknowledge and thank the following:

Stricklin, AUTOMatic (and JDL), DJ Bizzon, The Hollowz, SPEAK Easy, Misen Lync, and Diva.

Another thing that you need to make an event successful is a venue that is supportive of what you are trying to do and the Cactus Club was exactly that.  When I struggled to find sponsorship to cover the facility and sound fee, the Cactus Club stepped up and said that they would take care of it themselves.  Now that is a great thing because it allowed 100% of the door money to go towards the benefit, thus maximizing the effort.  Some people may ask, “why did you pick the Cactus Club?”  It’s simple…they have GREAT sound, a great set up for shows, and hardworking bartenders. 

When you put all of that together, that makes for a great live music experience in my opinion.  I have to thank the Cactus Club and it’s people (including Alex the awesome sound guy) for all their hard work and for allowing us to rock another great show at their venue.

Yet another thing that led to the event being a success before the night took off was the willingness of the press and those interested in attending the event to talk about it so that buzz could surround the event and maybe catch the eye of some people who typically may not think about going to a Hip-Hop show, a Hip-Hop show in Bay View, etc.  It really creates awareness that there was an event going on in the first place, and that’s all an event organizer can hope for…people knowing that the event exists so that it can be placed on the brains of people and readily accessible to them when they flip through their mind’s Rolodex for stuff to do.

I have to thank to following media for their coverage:

Jordan Lee and 88Nine Radio Milwaukee; Dori, Kid Cut Up, DJ Bizzon, and WMSE; Geraud Blanks and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel; Bobby Tanzillo and OnMilwaukee.com; Steve Hyden and Milwaukee’s AV Club/The Onion; Evan Rytlewski and the Shepherd Express; and ALL of the blogs like Run-MKE, etc.

Lastly, but certainly the MOST important group to thank, all of the people that showed up to the event.  All 138 of you that came and paid the $5 in exchange for some good music, and all the people that maybe weren’t able to make it but STILL told people about the event so they could go in their place…thank you!  Never in a million years would I have thought we’d double PLUS some what we did with the Hip-Hop Hates Multiple Sclerosis event in April.  We had 65 paying customers then, and I was hoping for 75 this time…and holy crap the Cactus Club got SLAMMED! 

With a few extra donations, we raised $700 for Susan G. Komen for the Cure…and that is a gift that’s going to be given to them in the name of the Milwaukee Hip-Hop community…artists and fans, regardless of what artists or fans didn’t show up to the event…it was a success for you, for us.

At the end of the night and in the hours after the event had finished, I was asked by several people “when’s the next one going to be?” and “what is Hip-Hop going to hate next?”  At this time, “I don’t know” is my answer to both questions.  The one thing that I do know is that I am not going to try to make the next one bigger and better and more, more, more.  Somehow, if that becomes the focus for me, the essence of the event is lost because it’s no longer about the music and community coming together with me and other to do something good…it becomes about ME, and that is NOT what I want.

All I know is that in the future, some time in the first or second quarter of next year, there will be another Hip-Hop Hates event.  It will be at the Cactus Club.  It was feature performers that put on a helluva show.  It will be fun.  It will go to benefit a good cause.

Again, I want to sincerely thank everybody that was involved in the night as a performer, worker, volunteer (shout out to LaShonda and Chris Hill, as well as Marquis and Resa Norris for holding down the door when I was running around “organizing” stuff), and ALL of you that came to the event or thought positive thoughts about it throughout the night!  If I missed anybody, please forgive me but know that I thank you too!

Warmest Regards,

JC Poppe


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Hip-Hop Hates is back again after a relatively successful event several months back to raise money to help eradicate the world of Multiple Sclerosis.  This time the fight is against Breast Cancer.

The event is going down October 23rd at the Cactus Club, with doors open 9:30PM.  The event is asking for a $5 donation at the door and donations of more than $5 would be welcomed and thanked profusely.

The lineup for the evening is quite excellent as well.  DJ Bizzon is going to be on the 1’s and 2’s getting it right all night.  SPEAK Easy & Misen Lync, The Hollowz, and AUTOMatic will be throwing it down on stage with displays of fantastic energy to match their dope Hip-Hop.  Headlining the night will be none other than Milwaukee legend, Stricklin!

This is going to be a great event for a great cause.  Everybody in attendance is encouraged to wear pink in some way or fashion.  If you can’t make it out for the show, you can also stop by to drop off a donation if you wish.

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IV Tin Soldiers representative SPEAK Easy is one of those emcees that can be counted on to deliver consistent music, driven by his smooth yet abrasive lyrical style, that sprinkles hydrochloric acid on anybody who could possibly catch feelings from his abusive lyrics.

For those of you who might not know that version of SPEAK Easy, you haven’t been keeping up with the newer music that followed his extremely solid front-to-back album Well Spoken.  The man has reinvented himself, allowing himself to go no-holds-barred…finally…while still holding true to what caught people’s attention initially to him as an artist.

The track “I’m Ready” which really starts off the mixtape has the potential to ruffle the feathers of a lot of local artists, calling out the “hollywood” types that have been populating the scene in his opinion.

There are a couple of tracks that you might be familiar with if you’ve paid attention to the internet over the past year. “Kick Down The Doors”, “Black 007”, “That Was Easy”, and “Warning Shot” have all hit the web with “Black 007” finding itself on several important Hip-Hop blogs in addition to gaining a spot on the first edition of Yo! MKE Raps.

The project is short and to the point…which the point of the project is to re-introduce people to SPEAK Easy before his new album comes out.  If this jawn doesn’t create buzz around SPEAK for what’s to come, then skills have no place in Hip-Hop anymore.

That Was Easy features production by Dave Derrilykt for AudioPilot Productions (who also engineered the project), Big Steve of GooniTunes, and has guest verses from Raze, Big Trip, Frankie Flowers, TKS, and Maal Himself.

If you like raw Hip-Hop, this is the joint for you…so download it now!

While you are downloading the joint, peep “I’m Ready” –


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IV Tin Soldier, SPEAK Easy, has recently unleashed upon the world a new song that is from his upcoming mixtape entitled That Was Easy.

“Rock That” is a track that further demonstrates SPEAK Easy’s dangerous rhyme style that dares people to mess with him on wax.  Over a piano and guitar driven beat provided by Dave Derrilykt of AudioPilot Productions, SPEAK simply does rock that track.

“Rock That” –

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Dave Derrilykt is a guy who has been around for a while in the Milwaukee music scene.  Recently Dave has gone through a sort of rebirth into Milwaukee Hip-Hop after a short break.  Last year he was one of the main sources that helped Panic to put his album out and this year he turned the success from that into recording projects for SPEAK Easy, SPEAK’s group Same Difference (with Frankie Flowers, Maal Himself, and TKS), and others.  Dave also engineered the single version of my song “Dribble” (produced by 88-Keys)…so this guy has been busy.

Between the Miltown Beat Down and some of the artists that you are working with, I’ve been hearing your name a lot lately.  Who are you all working with right now?

Right now I am working with SPEAK Easy, MAAL Himself, TKS, Frankie Flowers, Panic, SunE-P, Lone One (Texas), Patrice Downey and several other young up and coming artists.

You do sample based beats as well as organic beats in which you build everything by playing the parts yourself.  Which style do you enjoy doing more?

Man it’s really hard to choose.  Sampling is nothing but fun, but there are limitations.  The fact that you can find some super dope, unheard of, weird, and cocky samples, is usually what draws me to sampling.  “Organic” beat making is super fresh though too, because there really aren’t any limitations, as in you can pretty much just make it up as you go.  I admit that sometimes I take it a little far and add way too many instruments and then it’s no longer a beat….it’s an instrumental.

What is your process when sitting down to compose a beat or chop samples?  What are you weapons of mass production?

I use Reason 4 along with Recycle for sampling…I usually just find a song that peaks my interest enough that I want to sample it.  I load it into Recycle and chop it up where it makes the most sense.  I usually chop up the entire song because there is always something in there that you might not think will work until you start laying out the drums and bassline.  I usually use the DR. Rex in Reason for the sample I chopped.

As far as composition, I take a different route almost every time.

The software I use is of course, Reason, Recycle, Acid Pro 7, Sound Forge 9, and T-Racks 3.1 Deluxe with a SHIT TON of plugins.

You have worked with a lot of local artists as well as some national artists over the past decade or so.  Looking at the Milwaukee scene as it is right now, what do you see?

The Milwaukee scene is different.  We have a lot of clicks, we have a lot of Hollywood artists that think there shit doesn’t stink…we have a lot of overly cocky “Producers” and Emcees that kind of make the scene lame at times…at the same time we have some of the best artists that stay humble and stay involved in making our HIP HOP scene a positive, cooperative, and enticing scene to be involved in.  We have a very limited Record label base, though the ones that I do see really have a passion for what they are doing and they keep our city alive by backing and promoting our local artists…and that’s just dopeness.  Our little city has come a long way from not having a damned thing really happening to an explosion of basement studios that are putting out some nice music…OUR VENUES NEED TO BACK US MORE THOUGH!!!!!

(in a Forest Gump voice) That’s all I have to say about that!!!

We’ve talked a little bit about your producing, but now let’s switch to your engineering.  You did Panic’s album a little while back and I know that you are doing SPEAK Easy’s different projects right now.  When it’s time to mix and make sure everything sounds right, what processes do you use to yield the results you want to hear?

The Process of mixing is fun man, it’s a never-ending road that has many intersections of “well what the fuck am I going to do with this one?” type shit….LOL…nah really for me it’s just getting my pre-sets set up on the tracks, bussing what I need to bus, and EQing what needs to be EQed.  PLUGINS PLUGINS PLUGINS.  I got a real nice kit from Raze called WAVES and its nothing but SICK (shout out to Raze Blackie Chan Norris) once I get a mix I like at high DB’s then i crank everything DOWN and finish the mix-down quiet enough to have a whispering conversation, that way I can really hear what’s going on with the song.  Other than that, I plead the 5th!!

Some may not know this, but you are also an emcee…though that was more in the past…how come you put down the mic?  Is there any possible return to the mic coming in the near future?

Emcee? who?

Yeah man I was rappin, rappin, rappin, for quite a while.  When I was with Starving Artists PerfeXshunists and ShutDemDown records, I just had a craving for making as many rhymes as I could.  I always tried to keep them complex and my cadence was pretty bananas but I couldn’t find in my mind anything else to write about.  I lost inspiration and I had a lot of recording, engineering, and beatmaking to do.  Maybe I will one day decide to start spitting again.  SPEAK is always kind of telling me I should.  We’ll see!!

If somebody is looking for studio time, how can they get ahold of you to talk about booking sessions?

You can call me at 414-779-5959.  Email me at derrilyktdave@gmail.com or Facebook me at DaveAUDIOPILOTmiller.

As a producer and engineer, what is the most important thing you hope to convey through the music, or for people to take away from what you do?

I just hope that they appreciate the time I put into my mixes as well as the consistency of my quality.

Any shout outs?

Peace to all my brothers and sisters over at UNI-FI Records, House Of M, Panic, Sam Winters, all the artists managed by IV Tin Soldiers Management, and of course my family:  Amanda, Zoe, Maddy, Pilot and of course Dexter.

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When a new artist management group pops up, it’s typically not newsworthy.  But, when that group snags one of the more recognizable names in Milwaukee Hip-Hop and several others that are not only known, but are respected by many people in the scene, it becomes something that should be highlighted.

IV Tin Soldiers is a limited liability company that was set up by Sally Schiera and Kyle Mayhugh to push forward their clothing brand Ugly, in addition to working on Hip-Hop artist’s careers.

I became aware of this new movement near the top of the year after I learned that Misen Lync was parting ways with the Umbrella Music Group…leaving to be without a label but instead picking up management.  This wasn’t due to any animosity, I believe, rather it was just a business move Maal and the others felt was necessary to become flagship caliber artists.  All in all, you have to try things to grow, and they are still very much friendly so no harm, no foul.

Next, through the relation that Maal has to SPEAK Easy from their working together on the now seemingly defunct Dead Poets Society project, it was a natural progression for him to join up.  SPEAK is a very talented guy that can spit circles around a lot of people.

Finally, and this is what might make them more notable, they took over the management duties for Frankie Flowers, a guy who has grown in popularity considerably over the past year/year and a half, through a catchy single, doing lots of shows both in Milwaukee and outside of it, and he has also gained critical acclaim from local media.

As with all management groups, it’s going to be interesting to see what they are actually able to do with the talent that they have in Frankie, SPEAK, Maal, and TKS.  Many people often grumble about Milwaukee having a lack of professional leadership to match the talent of the artists.  Who knows, maybe IV Tin Soldiers is the group that has been needed for the Lyrical/Backpacker side of the scene, and maybe in the future we’ll talk about them and their achievements like many talk about Geraud Blanks (former manager of Black Elephant, current manager of Element Everest).  Only time will tell, but if they are equally as motivated about their artist’s careers as the artists are about the music they’re doing, then they will find a way to succeed.

It’s a horse a piece at the local level where a myriad of labels, “labels”, managers/management groups, publicists, etc. often fail to get to the next level nationally, but manage to build a large local following allowing some money to be made and recognition to come their way.  Milwaukee is really a tiny place and so many like to say they are going to do it differently but so many burn out after finally realizing that the outside eyes aren’t going to turn to MKE even though they tried different things.  It is quite possible that IV Tin Soldiers could be the exception to the rule.  I mean, who really knows?

SPEAK Easy will be releasing a mixtape and an album this year, and the other artists are recording but I’m not sure what else they have on the horizon musically.  At the very least, I’m excited about the prospects for SPEAK because he is one of my favorite local artists and he deserves more exposure then he’s already achieved.

As far as the clothing line goes, there is some information about it that can be found on TheMilly.com.  I’m know nothing about the fashion industry locally, so I’ll have to defer to my blogosphere comrade’s article.

Here is a track called “Warning Shots” by TKS, SPEAK Easy, Maal Himself, and Frankie Flowers…that go by Same Difference when doing tracks together (recorded/engineered by Dave Derrilykt for Audiopilot Productions).

Same Difference (TKS, SPEAK Easy, Maal Himself, Frankie Flowers) – Warning Shots

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It seems that the summer brings with it quality events each weekend.  This weekend we have a Uni.Fi show at the Cactus Club with KingHellBastard and the House of M, with DJ JDL on the 1’s and 2’s.  On Saturday Raze of the House of M will be releasing his new solo album Living in Technocolor via a party at The Highbury.  He will be joined by Element, SPEAK Easy, The Hollowz, and many…many other guests.

Well, it looks like you have your weekend planned for you.  Enjoy!

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