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Halloween weekend is almost upon us and that means events galore for you to pick from this coming Friday and Saturday.  Here a couple of events with a Hip-Hop backbone that you may want to consider.


91.7 WMSE and Hot Pop’s Hip-Hop Series is having a special Halloween edition in their series that features Fresh Cut Collective, A-Biz, and the MadKids (Kid Cut Up and DJ Bizzon).  The event is being held at Bayview Brewhaus and it begins at 9PM.  There is a door charge of $10 and it is a 21+ event.  There is going to be a costume contest, judged by the members of Fresh Cut Collective, and prizes will be awarded to the winner.  Hmm…a bunch of guys judging a costume contest…I’m not trying to say that they’re going to select the foxiest dressed lady in the house, but guys don’t count on walking away with a prize.  I kid, I kid.

You can check out the event information RIGHT HERE.

If you are in the Waukesha area and don’t feel like making the drive into Milwaukee, Amerikas Addiction is going to be performing at Club That, with doors opening at 10PM.

You can get more information about this event RIGHT HERE.


An all ages event known as Terror At The Mall, is going on this Saturday from 6PM-8PM at Grand Avenue in the space that was previously occupied by Old Navy.  The League of Young Voters Education Fund is putting on the event that offers performances by Prophetic, Lah-Kid, The Cranberry Show, and others, in addition to having DJ Infotek and Homer Blow on the 1’s and 2’s.  The show is being hosted by Free and Rosci and there will be a special guest appearance by 106 and Park’s Terrance.

The “grown and sexy” edition of the night starts at 9PM and they remind all of you who are of proper voting age to vote this November 2nd.

You can check out the event information RIGHT HERE.

Also going on this Saturday, though later in the night, is the event being billed as Folloween at Stonefly Brewery starting at 10PM.  You are going to get performances from many of the performers that participated in the event written about just above this one…Prophetic, Lah-Kid, and The Cranberry Show.  Also joining those gentlemen on the bill are EMP representatives Streetz N Young Deuces.  The event is $5 for those who wear a costume and $7 for those who choose to go as themselves.

You can get more information about this event RIGHT HERE.

Well there you have it.  Make sure you have a fun and SAFE Halloween weekend!

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Today, the good folks over at Umbrella Music Group dropped their newest webtape, this time from Tay Butler.

Tay is a guy who has been around for a while but was absent from the scene for a hot minute to fulfill his overseas requirements with our United States Armed Forces.

Now that he’s back he has been hard at work preparing not only a new webtape but an album that is to be released at a later date.

I like Tay, as a rapper and a person, so it’s nice to hear him back on the microphone.

As far as the release goes, it’s 10 songs of Tay flowing in and out of the beats provided by Dylan Thoms, Adlib, Haz Solo, and then some industry beats (it is a web(mix)tape), and there are some features by the UMG crew of course.  Also featured on the project is Pizzle, CT, and Justice Born.  It was recorded and mixed by Adlib.

Go ahead and download Tay Butler Presents UMG Summer League RIGHT HERE!

Here’s my favorite joint off the project, “Home” (produced by Adlib)…I personally am the type of person who appreciates depth to the music I listen to and this track definitely shows depth. I also really like the beat Lib put together for this track. –

AND for your added satisfaction, I thought I would include this hilarious picture that was created by Haz Solo.

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And the Proph train keeps on a’chuggin.  He has released another new music video.

Here is “A Little Mo”, directed by Rubin Whitmore II.

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 True Skool will be holding their 5th annual block party this weekend with B-Boy battles on Friday and a day of concerts on Saturday featuring many of the Milwaukee names that you know (Raze, House of M, Rusty Ps, Kid Cut Up, Umbrella Music Group, Madhatter, Adebisi, etc.) as well as headliner, Rhymesayers Entertainment’s own Toki Wright.

For a complete list of performers and times CLICK HERE.

There is a lot of good community building type stuff going on surrounding this event as well so peep the press release for all the important information:

TRUE Skool’s 5th Annual Block Party

TRUE Skool will kick off their 2 day event with the annual breakdancing battle, Adopt a Community Program Kick-Off and Block Party!

TRUE Skool’s 5th Annual Block Party: The Cyphers is being held on July 16th & 17th 2010 in partnership with RedBull, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Safe Alternatives for Youth Grant, Walker’s Point Association, 88.9 RadioMilwaukee, Time Warner Cable, and many other great sponsors! These events are designed to provide youth and young adults with empowering and positive opportunities for self expression through talent showcases, community service opportunities, and public art.

The two day event kicks off on Friday July 16th with the TRUE Skool/Motion Disorderz Crew Anniversary Bboy Battle-an all ages breakdance battle in honor of TRUE Skool’s & Motion Disorderz Crew 11th year anniversary of working together to provide safe, fun, and empowering events for youth. This year’s battle will take place at the Kosciuszko Community Center (2201 S. 7 St., Milwaukee, WI) from 5:00-10:30pm. Special guest judge is Bboy Roxrite, who is sponsored by RedBull.

Saturday July 17th, we have partnered with the Walker’s Point Association for our Adopt a Community Kick-Off event from 10am-12noon. Volunteers will meet at 10am at the block party location (212 E. Mineral St.) to pick up garbage, mark storm drains, and remove illegal graffiti in the Walker’s Point Neighborhood. Then from 12noon-9pm, we will host TRUE Skool’s 5th Annual Block Party: The Cyphers. TRUE Skool youth participants and staff have worked hard to bring Milwaukee an exciting showcase of both local and national youth and adult performers, DJs, musicians, breakdancers, and visual artists. The block party will include live music from 12-9pm with headliner Toki Wright from the Rhymesayers, live graffiti art exhibitions, the RedBull Outdoor Art Gallery featuring artwork on display and for sale from TRUE Skool youth artists and MIAD service learning students, the Grime Official Skate Park, breakdancing workshops, a community informational fair, vendors, food, and a beer tent from 4-9pm.

In addition to the events in July, TRUE Skool is working with the Walker’s Point Association to conduct clean ups throughout the summer from July to September through our Adopt a Community Program (AaC). The Kick Off for the AaC on Saturday July 17th will be the beginning of those weekly clean ups which include illegal graffiti removal and garbage clean-ups.

For more information please contact Sarah Patterson, Executive Director of TRUE Skool at info@trueskool.org or visit http://trueskool.org/2010BlockParty.htm.

You should definitely go to this event.

For more information about True Skool CLICK HERE.

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Summerfest likes to pick some of the performers that play Big Gig to interview and capture moments of their set.  Milwaukee Hip-Hop’pers The Lab Experiment, Kid Cut Up & DJ Madhatter, were among the many video tapped this year.  Here are the interviews.

The Lab Experiment

Kid Cut Up & DJ Madhatter

Also, Prophetic grabbed some footage of his performance and experience from Summerfest this year.  Here it is.

I know that KingHellBastard was interviewed but that hasn’t popped up yet so hopefully it will soon…you just know they will have something interesting to say.

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Proph once again is trying to make sure that his name is the marquee name of the summer.  After releasing a webtape not too long ago, Prophetic is back at it with a music video for his song “Planes” (produced by Jonathan Frost) which he filmed while on a trip out West.

The video was shot by Philly Fly Boy.

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With more and more outspoken voices becoming noticeable in the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene, there is a decision to get louder so that one can be heard or to simply yield to those voices and get down to work.  Producer/engineer/occasional emcee, Adlib, has taken the later path.

Now, don’t take that as him being silent…this is far from the case.  Adlib speaks his mind and is followed for it as well as vehemently hated because of it.  More often than not however, Adlib chooses to focus on recording at his new studio and making music for artists and companies.  After a strong 2009, he’s spent his 2010 thus far working towards new goals.  So, what is Adlib up to?

When 2009 closed, you were one of the winners of the Miltown Beat Down.  However, this year there was no Adlib on the roster of artists battling.  How come you weren’t in the battle this year to defend your title?

Well I was about to enter it, BUT, I didn’t because I didn’t want to do all that extra crap.  I just want to come, press play, and battle.  I really didn’t have time to dedicate to create an ultra mix to possibly win and move to the next round, you know?  And, this year I didn’t make a lot of “battle” beats, I produced a lot of different type records.  I’m all about making music now.  Muuuuusic!!  Not rap, or hip-hop, but music in general.

Its been several months now since you released Wade Wilson Project.  Looking back on it now, how do you feel about it?  Is there anything you would change or anything that you would do more of?

I feel very accomplished by it.  Not only did I show that I can create a lot of different diverse types of music, I also showed off my engineering skills and rapping skills…even though it’s [rapping] subpar.  I produced recorded and mixed that whole record except for “Blow Pops” and “Show me the Money”.  My guy Antagonist (www.califloridaproductions.com) hooked me up with the mixes and even the vocals.  As far as changing…I don’t think I would have done anything different.  Speak [SPEAK Easy] also helped me sequence it.  He was there one night choppin it up with me and giving his opinion on things.

Earlier this year you opened up Digital Kitchen, a recording studio.  How did all that come together? Tell me about the studio.  What’s kind of equipment do you have and what are you equipped to do?

I opened up Digital Kitchen studios with a childhood friend of mine, Lorenzo “Fela” Vasquez.  I needed a new place to set up and I as long as I’ve known Fela [pronounced like fella] he always did the studio thing (Check El Gordos “Momento de Verdad”).  So, I came up with a small business plan that would allow us to open a new studio at a very small cost.  The studio actually paid itself.  We set up shop in Bayview and now we’re together giving local artists a great place to record without having to spend a lot of money and without compromising the quality.

Our setup goes as followed:

Custom Built Vocal Booth
Mbox 2 and Mbox 2 Pro
Korg Triton
MPC 4000
2 Technique 1200’s
Pro Tools
A custom built PC
2 event 20|20 Monitors 2 Yamaha studio Monitors 2 event Tr5 Monitors
Yamaha 24track Digital Recorder
Rode NT Mic
Presounus Preamp/Compressor/EQ

For software I have stuff like the Wave mixing bundle, Komplete 5 for producing, Cubase, Auto Tune, and just about everything else…oh yeah and Fruityloops.  But, fuck FL.  I’d rather bang beats on a pad like a human than be all point and clicking.  I feel like I’m forgetting something but oh well.  Anyone who rents the studio has access to all this stuff so just holla!!

As somebody who is very vocal about sound and are a perfectionist as an engineer, how do you achieve the perfect sound for each project that you undertake?

My thing about mixing is the simpler the better.  When you start trying to use plug ins to fix a recording, that means that your recording sucks and you should really be looking for a way to enhance the recording quality.  Plug ins are used to shine up your Vox or instruments, give it that UMPH!  So, if the project is recorded by me, I make sure that the recording itself is on point.  Everything else after that is a piece of cake.  I barely need to use EQ on vocals because my recording already comes out “bright” with a nice shine to it.  Now I’ve mixed some terrible sounding stuff and have made it sound great, but that don’t mean you shouldn’t be trying to improve your quality as often as you can.  I still try to find ways to make my recordings sound better.

When you sit down to compose a beat or mix a song, what’s your process like?  How do you take what you hear in your mind and get it into proper music/listening form?

Aight, this is what I do, seriously.  I light a blunt and just go in.  I have no special approach or anything like that.  I’m also pretty well rounded on the keyboard so I usually can play anything I want.  Sometimes it’s not that easy though.  But, yeah, usually I already know what I want it to sound like unless I’m using a sample.  I don’t depend on samples though. There’s no money in samples!

Wade Wilson is out, your studio is up and running…what are your plans for the next couple months?

My plans…hmm…I don’t know.  I know I stay working on UMG music all the time so that won’t stop unless I tragically die tomorrow or something.  But for now I’ve really been trying to land placement with my beats, and not with major artist but with companies.  I had a chance last year with GMR but unfortunately they haven’t solidified their urban department yet so right now I’ve been working with another company that Prophetic hooked me up with, and everything has been dandy!

Are you considering doing another album at all?

Um, maybe.  Not too sure yet.  Sorry for the vague response but I really don’t know.

What artists have you been working with recently?

Well of course UMG, Diva, and Tonye.  I really haven’t reached out to too many people cause I’ve really lost a passion for our “local” scene, but I did end up on Pizzle’s last 2 mixtapes he just dropped.  Oh yeah, Tay Butler right now has my hotest material up to date.  His record is gonna be cold and the production is beyond immaculate.

I like to ask everybody what they think about the current state of Milwaukee Hip-Hop because some really good stuff is coming out of the MKE scene right now.  How do you feel about the state of the scene?

Honestly I haven’t heard anything, and it might sound assholeish but that’s because I really don’t care anymore.  A lot of the “emcees” only rap about how others shouldn’t rap about this or that.  I say who gives a fuck!  I like music, whatever it maybe.  I’ll listen to Talib today and then some UGK or 3-6 tomorrow. I don’t pigeonhole artists or discriminate against artists.  If it sounds good it sounds good.  What’s the point of being an angry rapper all the time?  I couldn’t even tell you what the last project that came out was, besides Pizzle’s.  I like to have FUN, and enjoy music at many different levels and Milwaukee’s “scene” just don’t do it for me anymore.  Matter of fact the next CD I’m getting is Young Dream and Franchise’s project.  Unless I know you personally or you’re in my camp, I haven’t been really keeping up and that’s sad considering that I have been around this scene since ‘01.  My first show was the last emcee battle at Tai Joes.  This dude named Kane won.  I still remember it to this day like it was last night.

Any shout outs?

Sure.  Shout out to the whole UMG squad, Pizzle and I94, the A-Team, Streetz and Young Dueces and all of EMP, Speak Easy, Misen Lync, TCS, my kids and to whoever created us.  Holla spik yall!  Oh yeah check my blog www.digitalkitchen411.tumblr.com and www.umbrellasup.com.

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