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Memorial Day weekend is always a busy time.  This year is no exception to that rule.  There is a whole host of events for people to pick from over the weekend.  The gem being Friday night’s Miltown Beat Down finals at the Wherehouse.  If you have heard yet, Freeway is going to be performing, and Jake One and Vitamin D are going to be in the house as guest judges.  The very talented Frankie Flowers will also be performing.

The true stars of the night; 40 Mil, Zeekzilla, DJ Peru, and Lex Luther…are going to provide the true thunder of the evening hoping that they leave every neck broken.

A lot of people have been waiting for this Saturday night because of Fresh Cut Collective’s release party, but it’s not the only thing worth going to in the city that night.

I’m definitely going to stop by the FCC party to get my copy of their new self-titled album, one that if you’ve been keeping up with the snippets they’ve been dropping here and there, is certain to be worth your hard earned cash.

Travel a little south to the Cactus Club and you have APRIME and The Hollowz performing a show w/ DJ Optimist.  APRIME is a ton of fun to watch and the new music that he’s preparing for his upcoming solo album is FANTASTIC.

Lastly, come back to the middle between Mad Planet and Cactus Club, and you have a party going down at Moct.  Mash-up DJs Elechroic will be keeping things funny for you while some Chi-Town artists made the trip North to rock the microphone.

So, as you can see…your Friday is set, and you have some great options for Saturday.  Whatever the case, have fun and be safe!


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With the Miltown Beat Down finals being 10 days away, I wanted to continue to pump the best Hip-Hop event that happens in Milwaukee all year.

Darren “D Wood” Cole, Mr. Alphabang Productions and No Request Sound DJ, did some filming at the 4th preliminary round of the Beat Down, and what came of this filming is an 8 minute video giving some highlights of the night.

Click this LINKAGE to see the vid.

Remember:  Freeway, Jake One, and Vitamin D, will all be in the house May 28th at the Wherehouse for the finals…so bringith your arse.  You can guarantee that I will be there enjoying the event and taking notes on the night.

Hey Jordan, can I be a VIP?

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Now THIS is an event!

The Miltown Beat Down finals are once again on the horizon and once again, organizer Jordan “Madhatter” Lee, has taken the competition to new levels.

The event’s details have finally been announced.  Keeping with the tradition of having guest judges who have industry background, Lee was able to secure Jake One and Vitamin D via his partnership with Big Tune, Red Bull’s nationwide beat battle.

The good news doesn’t end there.

You might recall that Jordan added performances this year, as a way to enhance the overall experience.  People have been very split on this decision but I like it.  What I like more is that Jordan was able to get former Roc-A-Fella artist Freeway to be the headliner of the performances, with Frankie Flowers opening.  If you haven’t heard Freeway’s recent project with Jake One on Rhymesayers, you should familiarize yourself immediately.

And the good news doesn’t stop there.  Jordan also informed me that the winner of the finals is going to go on to the regional level of the Big Tune competition!  How awesome is that?  I would venture to say “really awesome.”

Congratulations to the 4 finalists:  Zeekzilla, Lex Luther, 40 Mil, and DJ Peru.

Regardless of who wins and goes on to Minneapolis, I think it’s safe to say that Milwaukee Hip-Hop is the true winner here.

Thank Jordan when you see him.

– The Digital One

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